The COOKIES — STANDARD collection is once again a quest of self-exploration "Everyone has a standard of happiness. What's yours?" Happiness is an abstract concept, and everyone has a different definition in their minds.

The new collection's campaign video adopts the concepts of "Chinese Chess" and "Chess Game" to highlight this core theme. In the campaign video, the grand picture of the chessboard moving between light and shadow is presented through visual effects with a sense of space and sculpture. The Invisible Man is represented in the campaign video by action and tension between points, lines and surfaces, showing invisible power with tension.

In the campaign video, the progressive chessboards represent different life stages, different heights, and different experiences. As Henry Cheung, co-founder and CEO of TEAM WANG design, said: "Life is like a chess game. How to play chess is in our own control. We should have our own standards for every step we take. Compared with the success or failure of the result, how enjoying the process and creating your own history, is even more critical."