Beats and TEAM WANG design teamed up to release a new collaboration project: “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless Headphones on Valentine’s Day, 14th Feb 2022. The “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless design takes the classic Beats Studio3 Wireless as the base and then combines elements from the visual language of TEAM WANG design. “Love Beats” starts from “love”, but not just “love” as a concept, but rather. In this celebration of love, the Studio3 Wireless symbolizes classic and eternal love, and transmits the “beat” of love that intertwines music and infinite creativity.

Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless Headphones
“Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless Studio3 Wireless symbolizes White  new “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless

The new “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless features an all-white body with bright silvery details. The avant-garde and pure appearance is like a blank canvas, providing an infinite space for the mind’s imagination to wander and consider Ideas about love and music. The headband of “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless is specially etched with the iconic “TEAM WANG” logo highlighting the exclusive collaboration.

The minimalist packaging leads to an iconic slogan - “LISTEN TO YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY.”

With intricate detailing, every consideration has been considered for this pair. The form of the headset itself is the classic Beats shape configuration and built-in Apple W1 chip, which is conveniently enables seamless connection and switching between Apple devices. At the same time, it supports active noise reduction and creates a premium listening experience.

LISTEN TO YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY.” classic Beats shape configuration and built-in Apple W1 chip  “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless Headphones

The new visual campaign of the “Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless Headphones, presented by Beats and TEAM WANG design, ties back to the visual representation of the core image of TEAM WANG design - an invisible man suspended in surrealist space, from the abyss of space to romantic sand dunes and staring into the black void of space; anything and everything are possible. The listener can repeatedly switch music genres to reflect different moods, while the headphones technological advances automatically adjust noise reduction levels, and listener stays floating in a world of aural envelopment, and becomes one with “Love Beats”.

*“Love Beats” Studio3 Wireless are an exclusive item for friends and family of the brand jointly created by Beats and TEAM WANG design. Not for sale.