TEAM WANG design X Want Want Group

TEAM WANG design and WANT WANT Group’s partnership is a perfect beginning that had sent creative sparks flying, and the “Tien-Wang” Year of the Tiger Gift Box only adds to the merriment and wondrous start of the new year! “Tien-Wang” is taken from the pronunciation and tonal similarities between “TEAM WANG” and “Want Want,” representing the promise of a flourishing start to the new year. The gift box’s main colors are red gold and black gold; centering the limited black biscuits and classic snow biscuit as the star of the show, with a silver- plated platter that represents a fulfillment of wishes and abundance.

This time round, the classic and historical WANT WANT snow biscuit collides with Team Wang’s iconic black pantone, bringing a unique twist to the confection we all know so well. The classic WANT WANT snow biscuit have also draped on an exclusive packaging from the Year of the Tiger, and with the black biscuit also making an entrance, old and new customers are getting quite a bit of a pleasant surprise this year. The silver- plated circular platter also indicates both brands’ sincere wishes to everyone.

In accordance with the announcement of the limited edition “Tien-Wang” Year of the Tiger Gift Box, TEAM WANG design and WANT WANT Group also released a short animation online for the new year. The animation utilized 2D and 3D screen combinations to narrate a short story about a family enjoying their get-together with a box of “Tien-Wang” Year of the Tiger Gift Box.

TEAM WANG design Co-Founder and CEO, Henry Cheung, said, “This year’s collaboration between TEAM WANG and WANT WANT Group is also a significant creative breakthrough, it’s quite a pleasant surprise. This is the first collaboration of 2022, a spectacular (wang旺) start to the new year. I hope you all look forward to more surprises Team Wang Design brings to you this year.”

TEAM WANG design and WANT WANT Group wishes the limited “Tien-Wang” Year of the Tiger Gift Box brings you all joy, happiness, wealth, and good fortune.