According to the different countries or regions, the order will be delivered by different courier companies. The buyer is supposed to provide correct delivery information and a valid shipping address that is confirmed to be accessible to local couriers. We’re sorry that the distribution process will not be under our control once the order is shipped from warehouse. If any delivery problems occur due to reasons beyond the seller’s control (e.g., inaccurate address provided, and problems of the courier company), the seller shall not be responsible for any resultant delivery delay; any delay and cost arising from address modification initiated by the buyer during the distribution process shall be borne by the buyer; When a delivery delay or a package loss is caused by the courier company, the buyer shall contact the courier company first; if the negotiation progress is hindered, please contact us and we will approach the courier company and assist in solving the problem as soon as possible.

Delivery Information

Please provide correct delivery information, including e-mail address, telephone number, and shipping address. Please check your email and keep the phone open after the order is placed, so that our customer service or courier staff can get in touch with you.

If the order will be shipped to oversea, please provide the correct country code;if the order will be shipped to the mainland China, please provide the shipping address in Chinese (do not use pinyin); if the order will be shipped to Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR or Taiwan, Ching, please provide the shipping address in English, and any address written in other languages will result in delivery delay.

The requirements for delivery information vary with the transportation policies in different countries. During the process from order placement to successful receipt, the seller may thus require the buyer to provide more relevant information needed for transportation.

Special attention of some regions’ orders. for example:

- For orders shipped to Russia, the company name and corresponding address should be provided. If you cannot provide such information, you need to understand that the delivery duration may be extended;

- For orders shipped to Brazil, personal tax number should be provided; otherwise, the order will not be accepted by the logistics company;

- For orders shipped to Taiwan, China, the recipient needs to be authenticated on the “EZ Way” APP.

Delivery and Tracking

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with order number after you have placed the order successfully. If there is a problem in processing the order, we will explain it to you via e-mail and may ask you to provide more relevant information.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the order number after you have placed the order successfully, and your order will be processed within 14 days. As soon as we ship the order from warehouse, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number. You may also click “My Order” on “My Account” to check the tracking number. Since goods will be delivered by different courier companies in different countries or regions, you may check the order status and track the order using the link and the courier number indicated in the e-mail.

Therefore, please make sure that you can be reached in time via the e-mail address that you have provided and pay attention to checking your email in order to give us a reply in time to ensure smooth shipment and delivery of the order.

Duty Charged by Importing Country and Other Taxes

Please note that the price on the page does not include the duty charged by importing country or other related local taxes. Once the order arrives in the destination country or region, taxes and fees will be levied by the local customs and shall be borne by the buyer. Since different destination countries or regions have different taxation policies, we’re sorry that we cannot estimate the exact amount. Therefore, make sure that you have checked the rates in your country or region for the exact taxes and fees that you are expected to pay. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Because taxes and fees are incurred as soon as the order arrives in the destination country or region, they shall be borne by the buyer, no matter whether the delivery of order is signed and accepted by the buyer or not.