Team Wang Is the Pop-Fueled Fashion Line to Know Now

Date:06 July 2020

Being solely a musician isn’t enough these days. With celebrity multi-hyphenates ruling the worlds of music, film, and style—Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé, to name a few—clothing lines have become a mandatory symbol of pop dominance. The latest to develop his aesthetic into a chic label is Jackson Wang, the Chinese pop star who serves as a member of the boy band Got7 in addition to having a successful solo career. Industry powerhouses like Armani, Fendi, and Adidas have sought out Wang, known for his elegant personal look, for campaigns and capsule collections. Though he’s currently front and center in Cartier’s latest ads, Wang’s latest project takes his interest in dressing a step further.

His newly launched streetwear and lifestyle label, Team Wang, channels his talents into design, with a debut collection focused on minimalist essentials. Wang, who serves as the brand’s creative director, views the project, the result of three years worth of development, as an extension of himself. “To me [it] isn’t just a brand or a label. It’s more of a vision or a spirit,” he shared with Vogue via email. “The reason why I didn’t release before is because I didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t perfect and a total representation of my aesthetic—especially [since I’m] working with the right team that has the same energy as me, the same goals and vision.”

Wang’s vision for his brand aligns with his wardrobe. Formerly an Olympic-caliber fencer, he dresses with precision, mixing sporty fare with runway menswear. A fan of clean lines, subtle details, and monochromatic looks, he showed up on Fendi’s front row last January wearing an embroidered blazer and matching sneakers. Refined suiting from Kim Seo Ryong and Saint Laurent leather jackets are also favorites for big events. Wang is also a master of the paparazzi stroll and takes some of his biggest style risks as he’s heading from one destination to another. You’re likely to see him breezing through Incheon airport in Supreme’s comic-inspired collaboration with Thrasher or pairing his Adidas tracksuits with shearling totes from Fendi.

Though it was conceptualized long before working from home became the norm, the collection was presented via a video campaign featuring 3D models of each piece. Team Wang’s no-nonsense pullovers in stark black and white, vests covered in utilitarian pockets, and logo-covered sweats offer an elevated take on some of the moment’s most popular items. Priced from $50 for a knit cap to $220 for a jacket, it’s accessible to his legions of young fans. “Fashion to me is not about just wearing the best brands, the most expensive clothes, or just luxury fashion,” he says. “It’s about finding the style and what makes you confident and feels right.”

To that end, Wang’s future plans are all about “going with the flow” instead of sticking to a seasonal schedule. “Team Wang will be expanding, and I will be experimenting with things that inspire me in the moment,” he explains. “As a designer, I will continue to follow my heart, and [I] want to make history.”