TEAM WANG design - UNDER THE CASTLE Held Its Grand Opening of New Concept Space

Date:24 Oct, 2023
Reference: TEAM WANG design

SHANGHAI, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nighttime befalls, pumpkins and spirits roam the halls. Mischief, mysteries, haunted castles, and celebrations, come together to introduce themselves this Halloween. On October 8th, 2023, TEAM WANG design's "UNDER THE CASTLE" Concept Space debuted its soft opening in C.PARK Shanghai, China. Continuing SPARKLES - KNOCK KNOCK's collection and its imagination and creativity, UNDER THE CASTLE's Concept Space will revisit PUMPKIE and SPOOKIE's story. The Concept Space allows OFFICIAL MEMBERS to experience the journey together, and reveal the new collection at the same time.

TEAM WANG design - UNDER THE CASTLE Limited Time Concept Space

As the brand's core value, "KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY," this year's collection UNDER THE CASTLE extends the story of last year's SPARKLES - KNOCK KNOCK. This Concept Space embraces the surprises and terrors of Halloween, and using the story of the castle as a base. The specially designed castle is a continuation of the SPARKLES - KNOCK KNOCK collection, further tells the story of PUMPKIE and SPOOKIE through its classic dark aesthetic and design. An introduction of a new character, LULU, also adds on to the exploration of journey.

Above the castle, SPOOKIE walks alone in the eerie alleyways and starts his own little party, yet below the castle, the courageous PUMPKIE prepare for a battle. Under the hospitality of "Skeleton Hand," they arrive at The Budweiser Tavern, specially named by Budweiser, and raise their glasses in celebration. The tavern's mysterious and sinister atmosphere, guided by the aromas of Budweiser's blends, enters a realm of Halloween ambience. An air of curiosity slowly encloses, and everyone reminisces and shares their thrilling adventures.


From October 26th to October 31st, as Halloween approaches, TEAM WANG design is kicking off a thrilling carnival market and night parade known as "HALLOWEEN NIGHT PARADE - UNDER THE CASTLE."  This parade draws inspiration from the ghostly Halloween tradition of dressing up as ghosts. Expect NPCs to transform into a crowd of ghoulish spirits, wandering the streets, luring all of people with creativity and imagination.

TEAM WANG design - "UNDER THE CASTLE" Collection

With the launch of the "UNDER THE CASTLE" limited-time Concept Space, TEAM WANG design is also set to release the "UNDER THE CASTLE" Halloween Collection on October 14th, 2023. This collection implements playfulness and mischief into the design, creatively evolving the iconic "Pumpkin Ghost" and "Ghost Spirit" characters. It includes, but is not limited to, items like t-shirts, keychains, phone pop sockets, plush toys, and introduces a new character, LULU, and its character-specific hot water bottle as a new item.

TEAM WANG design has always been dedicated to exploring the brand's potential and expanding its dimensions. It has never limited itself and has continuously explored a particular lifestyle and attitude, and thrives to present OFFICIAL MUMBERS with novel and joyful experiences. The launch of the "UNDER THE CASTLE" Concept Space once again breaks down the conventional perceptions of fashion. It combines products, festivals, and in-person activities in a more diverse and direct way, allowing consumers to relate and understand fashion from a more personal perspective. Through its one of a kind experiences, this collection and event pays tribute to individualism through Halloween celebrations and the new generation in China to create richer and more extraordinary interactive memories.