TEAM WANG design launches a classic collection - THE ORIGINAL 1

Date:23 May 2023
Reference: Thailand Post English

TEAM WANG design presents a new concept, THE ORIGINAL 1, aiming to continue the discovery of identity and support the brand’s philosophy of self-discovery and empowering everyone to be free from society’s framework and to ignore judgment. by others, which is the origin of BE YOU, THE ORIGINAL 1 “Jackson Wang” (Jackson Wang), designer and creative director, adheres to the spirit of the brand that “Know yourself, make your own history ”, so he combines the concept of “me, myself, and I” (myself) in creating THE ORIGINAL 1, a brand that overlooks judgment and being watched by people around the world. To accept the simplicity and authenticity of life and be proud of yourself. Henry Cheung, brand co-founder and CEO has revealed a collection comparison.

THE ORIGINAL 1 that finding yourself is the ultimate journey in our lives, and THE ORIGINAL 1 conveys this concept through a minimalist lifestyle and conscious independence. (self-consciousness) and self-awareness self-awareness that transcends boundaries and focuses on the present

THE ORIGINAL 1 collection stays true to the brand’s classic, timeless TEAM WANG design ethos, and features signature black and minimalist designs throughout the collection. A tier consisting of over 20 newly made items. In addition to shirts, sweaters, jackets and other classic pieces. favorite The collection also offers athleisure sportswear and other items. that can be worn in a variety of occasions and meets various needs In addition to the new design The brand has launched a unique product line with creative name MEI Brainer that will become the classic line of the collection to meet the lifestyle needs of people. hustle in the city

This line of products will help you pick up items from your wardrobe anytime and get a new style. Every time without thinking too much Time to Move is the name of a line of sporty, comfortable clothing for active and health conscious lifestyles. while exercising You will not care about fashion and health. It can be seen that each line of products adds a more lively aesthetic and continues to focus on the brand’s creativity. The TEAM WANG design brand logo appears on various items.

For this new collection, it is in line with the overall design of the brand. Including aesthetics and conveying the attention to detail and image, the mini “TEAM WANG” logo was added to make the design fun and the silver-colored perforated metal (EYELET). The light expresses the spirit of the brand. Two loops designed to look like eyes on the back of the wearer convey self-care. Moreover, this collection is presented in classic black tones that express the essence of the brand and the simple purity of life. Whenever you bring this collection into your wardrobe. You can get fashion inspiration in seconds.

New crafting materials and new items will be released simultaneously. together with presenting INVISIBLE MAN in a new way This time, INVISIBLE MAN characters gather under the spotlight to convey a party-related concept from past times called CREW NIGHT. Success from various fields People who share the same belief to create a new space for the new generation share passion and creativity together.

THE ORIGINAL 1 collection does not stick to fast fashion trends and big crowds. In the midst of self-discovery, I was able to create a new style. for a modern lifestyle Meanwhile, the collection, launched in the third year since the brand’s inception, is not just a breakthrough in its business model. It also reflects the original spirit of self-reliance and a retrospective look. Every innovation and creation of TEAM WANG design brings vision and endless possibilities, because TEAM WANG design welcomes it. Everyone let’s make history together.