An Inside Look of TEAM WANG design at the Co-Founder & CEO - Henry Cheung and Creative director & designer - Jackson Wang’s passion for design has led to the creation that endeavors to inspire society

Date:15 June 2023

Jackson Wang - TEAM WANG design Creative Director & Designer

How does the collection and brand concept intertwines with your personal identity?

The collection that resonates with me the most is THE ORIGINAL 1, since it is a timeless carry-on collection designed by TEAM WANG design made to broaden our reach to people who share a common value. Our goal is to expand our audience, allowing a deeper understanding of our backgrounds and to showcase our growth. Regardless of any criticisms, it is essential to stay true to yourself and discover your own magic. This has been a principal guidance in my life and I hope to pass on this message to everyone. Cherish your belief, know yourself, create your own history.

As the creative director & designer of the brand, what is your approach to integrating your ideas?

The concept always originates from my mind. It is our brand’s philosophy to offer what we want and what we believe in. Several people have wondered about our brand’s identities. I stand here to say that we prioritize value and vision. Each collection is founded on a concept and delivers through product, visuals, spaces, and other creative spaces. The concept behind each collection has been woven from my hands-on experiences, life, journey, thoughts, and all that constitutes my being. I craft innovative ideas, and my beloved brother Henry has been very helpful in accomplishing that.

What are your expectations with regards to TEAM WANG design in the short and long-term?

In my opinion, it will evolve into a subtle definition of one’s self, serving as a reminder of your identity and authenticity. It would be advantageous if there is a regular prompt that instilled an importance of self-reflection, rather than comparing oneself to others. Although it may seem insignificant in our daily lives, it could serve as a source of inspiration during moments of despair or confusion. Ultimately, I believe that life revolves around oneself and not others, and that everyone can reach their own level of happiness and satisfaction. I hope that this message resonates with each person and serve as a guardian to empower people during tiring moments.

Henry Cheung - TEAM WANG design Co-Founder & CEO

Could you offer us a comprehensive explanation with regards to inspiration, reference, preference, design, marketing policy behind TEAM WANG design’s THE ORIGINAL 1? Why the brand has decided to launch this collection?

THE ORIGINAL 1 is an inclusion to TEAM WANG design. Although it is a classic assortment, it is a significant step and decision for us. The underlying concept of THE ORIGINAL 1 is to attract individuals with a similar mindset, who share common visions and goals. We wish to establish a community where an increasing number of people can join us. It allows others to understand us while getting to know and being true to themselves. This is the reason why we created THE ORIGINAL 1: making it accessible to everyone.

Following a remarkable successful launch of the collection, what would your next step be? What about COOKIES?

Currently, we have THE ORIGINAL 1, which is a consists iconic features of our classic design. This year, we are taking a further step that goes far beyond expectations. Following the launch of the classic collection - THE ORIGINAL 1, we will introduce the SPARKLES and COOKIES collections. The extensive attention to details in these collections will make it worth your wait. We have made significant changes in materials, branding, and design. We cannot wait to unveil these products to you in December.

What are Jackson’s roles in TEAM WANG design? What are yours? How do both of you manage your own responsibilities?

Jackson functions as creative director & designer of the brand and his artistic talent is truly exceptional. His roles include managing all designs, visuals, ad artistic endeavors, alongside coordinating the overall brand vision to bring it to life. While I am an executor, my focus centers around business and finance of the brand. Jackson offers inspiration and plans while I execute. Both of us manage the company, and our success is dependent on our corporation.

Who will make a decision on a launch schedule for the next collection? Jackson or you?

Jackson is typically responsible for generating innovative concepts and visions, while I am in charge of executing them into reality. I motivate him to act and we engage in discussion to exchange ideas. By sharing our goals and visions and building strong connections, our creativity and inspiration builds upon each other, creating meaningful pieces for both ourselves and our audience.

I wish to have stores everywhere. Our brand features concept-based collections, although this may be the sole reason for our existence. We only accomplish and undertake tasks when we are aroused by inspiration. If asked what my highest aspiration would be, I would reply that it is to have more creativity in the world and enable everyone to know themselves, pursue their passions, and acknowledge who they are. Our supporters are a significant influence on why we keep doing what we do and why we push forward. We aim to encourage and inspire the next generation to become who they are. How many individuals can our brand inspire?

How do your personal style, lifestyle, and preferences affect your approach to creating the collection? Can you give examples?

Jackson and I engage in daily creation motivated by what we use and love. For instance, THE ORIGINAL 1, we have our athleisure line “TIME TO MOVE” reflecting our daily exercise routine. In addition, our slogan, “Know yourself, make your own history” aims to inspire individuals to prioritize working out and start exercising. It is a foundational step in your life to make a history.

Which pieces would you expect to be recognized as key items?

All pieces. The athleisure line is my preference because it is a new category that has never been introduced before. It is distinguished among t-shirts and jackets. The fabric, shape, and everything are all different. I wish to gain more supporters who share common vision with us.