TEAM WANG and Palm Angels Deliver a Sleek Capsule

Date:20 July 2021

Starting as a conversation between two different individuals, TEAM WANG and Palm Angels have come together for a sleek capsule collection. Palm Angels Creative Director Francesco Ragazzi and Jackson Wang of TEAM WANG teamed up to push the boundaries of their craft in a collision of music and fashion. The sleek collaborative range is centered around the iconic palm tree and draws inspiration from traditional Chinese ink paintings in an expression of the flower between water and ink. The result is a scenic graphic of a moon gazing upon palm trees, dubbed “Night at the Beach” by Jackson Wang. “The Palm Angels x TEAM WANG collaboration started from a conversation between Jackson and I during a time when the world was divided, both physically and mentally. Despite all the limitations we are experiencing, we managed to merge the best of both worlds and cultures, creating a sparkle in the collection that we want people to enjoy for its quality, design, and utility,” said Francesco Ragazzi. “I am very excited with the blending of two different brand DNAs between TEAM WANG and Palm Angels. The bridging of Eastern and Western cultures with this collaboration is part of the history that we are creating with TEAM WANG design,” said Jackson Wang. The TEAM WANG x Palm Angels capsule collection features eight unisex pieces rendered entirely in black. Items include the Track Jacket and Pants, Souvenir Jacket, Sweatshirt, Bowling Shirt, Long Sleeve T-shirt, Short Sleeve T-shirt and Cropped Tee. The “Night at the Beach” is expressed with a crumpled paper effect serigraphic print that highlights the union of the motif. The capsule collection will be available July 22 from TEAM WANG and Palm Angels. For more contemporary fashion, Anti Social Social Club’s FW21 collection proves its not “ALL TALK.”