Jackson Wang Talks Palm Angels x TEAM WANG With Francesco Ragazzi

Date:26 July 2021

The idea of the Palm Angels x TEAM WANG capsule collection was first brought to life in a casual conversation between Palm Angels Creative Director Francesco Ragazzi and solo artist Jackson Wang. HYPEBEAST now has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the dialogue between the two sparked the now sleek and boundary-pushing line that came about.

Jackson Wang dives deeper into how his relationship with Ragazzi first began. Both Wang and Ragazzi did not start out wanting to create a collaborative collection but, rather allowed the conversations and artistic process to take their course. The partnership began organically, with both creators discussing what they liked and what they wanted to explore. Wang wanted to ensure that the pieces in the collaboration were meaningful, yet playful, incorporating both Western and Eastern cultural elements that would later amalgamate the identities of both Wang and Ragazzi’s Palm Angels.

Henry Cheung, CEO of TEAM WANG also recently sat down with Ragazzi to discuss his inspirations behind the collection. When asked about why Ragazzi was interested in collaborating with TEAM WANG, the Palm Angels designer said, “I am interested in building bridges between different cultures; things that don’t really belong to each other creates a different energy.”

In the video, Wang explains the need to incorporate the iconic tree from Palm Angels with detailed nuances that reflected elements of Asian culture. The moon, which is a Chinese symbol for being “united” reflects how both brands have come together in a time where in-person meetings are difficult to occur. Both brands’ DNA are blended together in the design, bridging two cultures together and both creators’ passion for design into one capsule collection.

Take a look at the conversation above, and check out the full Palm Angels x TEAM WANG here.