FILA FUSION X TEAM WANG design Debut Collaboration Capsule「DONG」

Date:November 30, 2023
Reference: PR Newswire

On November 28th, FILA FUSION X TEAM WANG design held 2023 crossover collaboration capsule「DONG」immersive concept show in Shanghai C·PARK Haisu, formally announcing the launch of this crossover partnership between trendy sports brand FILA FUSION (owned by FILA) and fashion high street brand TEAM WANG design. The capsule「DONG」is directed by creative director JACKSON WANG.「DONG」represents both "East" and "Movement", aiming to convey the empowering belief behind the collaboration —— Movement from the East.

All under the direction of JACKSON WANG, the theme of this capsule「DONG」was extended to encompass the entire processes such as creativity design, product design, creative marketing, concept show, etc. JACKSON has been actively involved in every step of the process to better present the shared concept of both parties to publics. JACKSON WANG expressed, "As the brand that represents the East in this partnership, TEAM WANG design wants to emphasize the belief and vision of the brand and how essential the concept of 'movement' is. In the world we live in, we are constantly seeking our own standards of happiness. We are consistently moving towards our dreams and destinations. All the unseen perseverance is fulfilled with meanings because of passion. The reality of the hills and valleys of challenges within the journey is eye opening, and believe it or not, we are the center of it all. Amongst the hardships, you, yourself is the key. Not anyone else, not anything else. lf you decide to keep going, the journey continues. Keep going, know yourself, make your own history."

HENRY CHEUNG, co-founder and CEO of TEAM WANG design, also mentioned, "TEAM WANG design has always been committed to constantly breaking boundaries, subverting the public's conventional impression of TEAM WANG design, and gradually interpreting it into a new way of life. We hope to inspire every audience to embrace and overcome their fears, always maintain curiosity and enthusiasm for the world, do what they love, and create new history with us."

Regarding the initial goal of this partnership, KELLY JIANG, the president of FILA FUSION, stated, "This is one of the major initiatives in FILA FUSION's'STAY IN FUSION' new brand concept that was unveiled this year. As a young trendy sports brand under FILA, FUSION's multifaceted vitality and support for young niche sport are highly compatible with TEAM WANG design's philosophy. Eventually, the common concept will disrupt the status quo and integrate differences, resulting in a more profound experience and value for customers and both brands."

Inspired by parkour and other trendy sports, the highly anticipated debute of the capsule 「DONG」fuses FUSION's hero piece, the new functional apparel, with JACKSON WANG's daily sport interests to create a range of full-body outfits that facilitate multi-scenario wear. In terms of craftsmanship, traditional oriental printing and dyeing arts serve as the foundation, with gradient rendering of distinctive blue and black hues from both brands. This capsule continues TEAM WANG design's signature gender-neutral approach, with delicate silhouette and minimalist color matching style, integrating FILA FUSION's avant-garde style. It fully interprets the new wear trend of stylization, simplicity and inner strength among today's youth, who seamlessly transition between sports and life occasions.

This release reflects FILA's commitment to the strategic direction in addition to bringing co-branding. Not only has FILA expanded its market share and growth rate, more significantly, in addition to its main brand, FILA has created several sub-brands, including FILA KIDS, FILA FUSION, FILA ATHLETICS, FILA GOLF, etc. According to BRIAN YIU, the president of FILA Greater China, "FILA is a brand that meets the needs of different consumers in all scenarios and cycles, as well as family needs. Since its founding at the end of 2017, FUSION has grown to be a trendy sports brand under FILA, with the scale of around 4 billion. An increasing number of trendy youth groups have come to adore and recognize FUSION. Using inspiration from skateboard, street dance, basketball and other sports, FUSION will continue to delve deeper into the trendy sports field over the next three years, in order to produce more superior products and experiences for consumers. Our aim is to spread the brand concept of 'STAY IN FUSION' to more optimistic youth through FUSION. FUSION and TEAM WANG design have teamed up to create a new crossover collaboration capsule for young customers. This is a new collision, a high degree of fit and resonance between two significant brands for Generation Z and α."

Release Information

The release of this capsule will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Online Release Date: November 29th, 00:00

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Offline Release Date: December 1st, HK LCXFILA FUSION offline store.

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